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Vanilla+ Realm Information (Smolderthorn)

XP: 2x (1x is also available)
Reputation: x1
Drop: x1
Profession: x1

Realm Type


General Information

- Custom Questlines and Quests for many zones.
- New Leveling and endgame Zones such as Hyjal, Gilneas and Elwynn Foothills
- Custom Raids such as Azshara Crater, Scarlet Harborage and The Emerald Dream
- Warmode
- Custom Transmogrification
- New Races such as Worgen and Goblins
- New Treasures have been added all over Azeroth which grant Experience, Consumables and Equipment
- Bonus Objectives have been added to Leveling Zones (Soon)
- Players gain a Account-Wide Buff which increases Experience gained by 5% (stackable up to 3 times) for all Characters upon reaching Level 60
- New Rogue Specialization: Demon Hunter. This Specialization has its own Questline to unlock and starts at Level 55 (Demon Hunters are only available for Night and Blood Elves)
- New Priest Specialization: Monk. The Priest gains new melee-abilities which scale with your Spell Power. (This Specialization can choose between DPS and Tanking)
- New Class: Tinker. This Class has its own custom Starting Zone and can choose between Tanking and DPS and relies on different gadgets and creations such as a controllable robots, turrets and grenades. They also gain bonuses to the Engineering Profession.
- New Class: Bard. This Class can choose between Healing and DPS (Exclusive to Dwarfs and Undead, NYI)

Will the Realm progress into TBC once it has run its course?
The Realm will always stay at Level 60 and expands upon Vanilla Content. However, a 3rd Realm which offers TBC+ Content might be opened up sometime later.

Vanilla+ Mythic Information

Which Dungeons are included in the Season 2 Mythic+ Roster?
- Sunken Temple, The Stockades, Shadowfang Keep, Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard and Cathedral are available in the second Season of Mythic+ (More Mythic+ Dungeons will be available once more Raids have opened up)

How can we acquire Mythic+ Keystones?
- Mythic+ 2 Keystones have a 100% Chance to drop at the end of every Level 55+ Dungeon. There are 5 different Keystones on the Loot table and only one of them will drop. (Players can roll on these Keystones)

Is there a timer for Mythic+ Dungeons?
- Mythic+ 2 and 4 Keystones have no timer, only the highest Difficulty which count towards Keystone Master Achievements have one

Is there a Vault-Type System?
- Players that complete all Keystones on the highest Difficulty gain a Currency that can be spent on Items with a Item Level slightly below Heroic Raiding Gear once per week.

How does the Keystone Master Season 2 Mount look like?


Heroic Raids and Mythic+ Dungeons are released 1 week after normal

Men Hoodie

Men Hoodie

$125.00 $145.00 2 $250.00
Total $317