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Azshara Crater (Released)

Hidden high in the mountains, the Azshara Crater is the sacred center of northern Kalimdor. Its peaceful fountains are said to have the power to heal and rejuvenate, but when Xavius attacked, many of the crater's guardians turned insane.

The Emerald Dream (Soon)

The Emerald Dream was created by the titans as a blueprint for Azeroth itself - a verdant and perfect mirror that reflects the state of nature had it remained unspoiled by so-called civilization. Those which are closest to nature have noticed signs of an unsettling presence stirring within the Dream.

Karazhan Crypt (Soon)

Once the palatial estate of the Deadwind's ruling family, Karazhan Crypt now serves as the focus of dark rumors since the Lady inexplicably locked herself within its halls. Stories of foul rituals, people disappearing in the night, and horrible screams coming from within the Crypt are common among the townsfolk. Amid all these whispers, only one thing is known, something powerful has taken root within.

Scarlet Harborage (Soon)

The Scarlet Harborage is the seat of power for the Scarlet Crusade. Visible from everywhere within the city's walls, Imperator Helstus's citadel casts a long shadow, a reminder of his watchful eye and iron grip.

Grim Batol (Soon)

While adventurers have been battling the scourge in Naxxramas, previous events of the scourge invasion have awakened parts of Azeroth that members of the Horde and the Alliance have perceived as an even more dangerous threat. Scout reports detail strange occurrences outside Grim Batol.

Elwynn Forest - Alternate Timeline (Soon)

Chromie shows you a future in which the forces of Azeroth were not able to repel the Scourge attack. Which horrors await you?

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