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Our Server features many new Class Changes, Specializations and Talents.

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- New Ability: Heroic Leap - jumps on enemies with a small AoE stun, also deals 115% Weapon Damage and regenerates 10% HP and 20 Rage over 10 seconds. Grants 12% Haste for your next 3 Swings. 30 seconds cooldown.
- New Race Combo: Blood Elves can become Warriors
- Execute can not be dodged or parried
- Execute grants a stacking AP and Crit Buff per usage (Only at max Rank)
- Battle and Commanding Shout last 5 minutes (was 2)

- Shield Mastery reduces Shield Block cooldown by 12.5 per Rank (was 10)
- Spell Damage received in Defensive Stance increased to -9% (was -6%)
- Damage Shield increases damage by 25% of your Block Value (was 20%)
- Spell Reflection also reduces Magical Damage by 10% while active
- Vigilance reduces Damage taken by -5% (was -3%)
- Revenge damage reduced by 30%
- New Talent: Blood and Thunder - Thunder Clap affects 2 nearby enemies with Rend for 12 seconds if they were recently affected by Revenge.
- New Talent: Battering Ram - Shield Slam increases your Health by 4% for 6 seconds.

Titan's Grip

Damage Reduction has been removed and grants 10% additional Stamina, 3% hit Chance and Expertise. Bloodsurge (Rank 2) procs cause you to go into a frenzy, increasing Haste by 15% and Damage done by 10% for 5 seconds. Your Slam deals 50% extra damage with your off-hand weapon.

New Passive Fury Warrior Ability: Single-Minded Fury

(Active after taking Bloodsurge 3/3) When using Two One-Handed Weapons, your Damage and Movement Speed is increased by 10%, Haste increased by 4% and you gain 3% hit Chance and Expertise, you generate 25% more Rage, deal 20% increased Critical Damage and the crit Chance of Cleave and Heroic Strike is increased by 10%. Slam damage during Bloodsurge is increased by 15% and deals 70% extra Damage with your off-hand Weapon. Can not be combined with Titan's Grip.

- Bloodthirst healing has been increased by 100%
- New Talent: Raging Blow - Deal a mighty blow with both weapons. Can only be used if Enrage is active and consumes the Effect.
- New Talent: Barbaric Onslaught - Unleashes a series of 4 brutal strikes which hits all enemies infront of you.

- Trauma increases the effectiveness of Bleeds by 40% (was 30%)
- Mortal Strike damage additionally scales with your Level (was only with Weapon)
- Glyph of Mortal Strike deals 20% increased Damage (was 10%)
- Duration of Bladestorm is affected by haste
- While Taste for Blood (Talent) is active your next Overpower emits a shockwave, dealing 70% Weapon Damage in a 8 yard cone
- New Talent: Tide of Blood - A heavy strike which causes your Rend to expire instantly.
- New Talent: In for the Kill - Your overpower grants 10% haste for 4 seconds.

- New Ability: Storm Cloud - Envelops the Target in a Cloud for 30 seconds, increasing critical strike damage by 10% for 18 secs for 4 nearby players which touch the Target. 2 Minute CD
- New Race Combo: Dwarfs can become Shamans.
- Mass Resurrection quest available from Varian/Thrall
- Ghost Wolf can also be used indoors

- Magma Totem costs 30% less Mana
- Fire Nova costs 25% less Mana
- New Elemental Talent: Elemental Blast - Consumes your active Elemental Devastation effect to harness the power of the raw elements, dealing frost damage and grants 10% Haste for 10 seconds.
- New Elemental Talent: Great Sundering - Deals damage every sec for 8 seconds. Needs to be channeled. Nearby enemies have a chance to be stunned briefly.

- New Restoration Talent: Totem Mastery - Your Totems now grant your Party Members 20% reduction to Silence and Interrupt effects and increase Haste by 3%
- New Restoration Talent: Tsunami - Heals all nearby party members instantly and over 15 seconds, while active their Health is increased by 3%.

New Shaman Tank specialization

- New Passive Shaman Ability: Stone Warden (Active after taking Guardian Totems 2/2) Using a Shield increases your Threat by 95%, HP by 20% and causes your Stoneclaw Totem to put a Shield on yourself. Defense Rating, Block Rating, Parry Rating gained from items and Block Value massively increased
- Frozen Power (Enhancement Talent) increases Damage done by 20% (was 10%)
- New Tank Shaman Ability: Lightning Crash Totem - Summons a Totem which deals nature Damage every second for 6 seconds and generates a high amount of threat
- Frostbrand Weapon proc Chance increased to 15% (was 10%)
- Earth Shock (Rank 7) taunts the Target for a short Duration (Only useable with a Shield)
- Earth Shock (Rank 6) has had its Damage increased to match Rank 7's strength
- Rockbiter (Rank 4) increases your Armor for 4 seconds, pulses Threat to nearby Creatures and grants your next 3 Strikes more Attack Speed
- New Tank Shaman Ability: Elemental Bulwark (Deals nature Damage modified by Shield Block Value, and increases your Frost Damage by 20%, stacking up to 3 times)

- New Passive Shaman Ability: Storm Infuser (Active after taking Anticipation 3/3) Wielding a Two-Handed Weapon increases your Stormstrike Damage by 100%, has a Chance to grant a 6% increase to your Critical Strike, and grants 40% reduced Mana Cost for your next 2 healing or Damaging Spells after dealing a Critical Strike. Attack Power Bonus on your Windfury Weapon is increased by 60%. Maelstrom generation is slightly increased. Windfury weapon is triggered more often.
- Shamanistic Rage grants mana equal to 30% of your Attack Power (was 15%)
- Static Shock (Talent) increases charge amount of Lightning Shield by 10 (was 6)
- New Talent: Master Enhancer - Your weapon enhancements grant additional unique bonuses
- New Talent: Crash Lightning - Your Stormstrike additionally electrifies the ground below the target dealing nature damage every second for 4 seconds.

- New Ability: Radiance Aura - Heals nearby party and raid members for 2% of their total health every 7.3 seconds and increases hit rate by 2% for the user.
- New Race Combo: Taurens can become Paladins.
- Mass Resurrection quest available from Varian/Thrall

- Ardent Defender is now a active ability: Reduces damage taken by 20% for 10 seconds, attacks which would otherwise kill you cause you to be healed up to 25% of your maximum Health
- New Resource: Radiance and Holy Power. Generated trough and used for Protection Spells. At 3 Holy Power stacks you'll emit a light wave, dealing Damage and reducing damage received by 5%. Your next Avenger's Shield grants you a Absorb shield for 20% of your max HP after Radiance is used.
- Shield of Righteousness has been taken off the global cooldown and can now deal damage to multiple targets
- New Talent: Glory of the Dawn - Consumes your active Reckoning stacks to regenerate 3% Health every 3 seconds for 9 seconds.
- New Talent: Oath of the Silver Hand - Increases your Resistances by an amount equal to 5% of your Strength

- Divine Plea cooldown increased to 75 seconds (was 60)
- Glyph of Holy Light has had its range and healing increased
- New Talent: Freedom Fighter - Reduces the duration of stuns by 20% and your Blessing of Freedom grants 50% Movement Speed for 4 seconds
- New Talent: Blessed Defense - The target of Beacon of Light now also takes 5% reduces Damage and their resistances are increased by 35

- Sheath of Light (Talent) Spell Power scaling reduced to 20% (was 30%) Critical Heals heal the Target for 40% (was 60%)
- Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (Talent) causes your Judgement Spells to grant 15% Attack Speed for 5 seconds. While Empowered your Attacks have a 30% Chance to deal additional Holy Damage scaling with Attack Power. Not useable with two one-handed Weapons.
- Divine Purpose (Talent) Teaches you how to wield two-one handed Weapons and increases your hit chance by 3%. In addition Crusader Strike now also deals 55% Damage with your off-hand Weapon and Divine Storm deals 70% Damage with your off-hand Weapon. Seal of Command hits a second time for 33% of its original Damage.
- New Talent: Sanctified Consecration - Your Consecration now additionally radiates for 20% additional Damage and follows you
- New Talent: Divine Devotion - Your Crusader strike deals 25% additional Damage as Holy Damage while Righteous Vengeance is active

- New Ability: Aura of Arcane Haste - Increases cast speed by 10% and Spell Damage scaling with your Level for 15 seconds, and increases nearby party/raid members haste by 3%
- New Ability: Khadgar's Unlocking - Magically unlocks treasure chests and other locked items (Purchaseable from Reagent Vendors in SW and Orgrimmar)
- Mana Gems have 3 charges (was 1)
- New Race Combo: Night Elves can become Mages

- New Arcane Talent: Diverted Energy - Each time Clearcasting triggers your Mana regeneration is increased greatly for 3 seconds afterwards.
- New Arcane Talent: Improved Mana Shield - While Mana Shield is active your Intellect is increased by 10%.

- Ice Lance deals 30% more damage
- New Ability: Lonely Winter - The Mage can infuse himself with the Essence of his Water Elemental, increasing Frost Damage by 15% and Frost Resistance by 60
- Fingers of Frost Proc Rate increased to 22% (was 15%)
- Chilled to the Bone increases Damage per Rank by 3% (was 1%)
- New Talent: Snowstorm - Blizzard can now be cancelled early to deal 25% of its original Damage over its duration without the need to channel the spell.
- New Talent: Glacial Spike - Fires a massive Glacial Spike which hits up to 2 enemies infront of you.

- Master of Elements (Fire Talent) restores 45% of the used Mana of a Spell if its a critical strike (was 30%)
- Fire Blast has been taken off the GCD and can be used while another cast is in progress
- Fire Blast range increased to 30 yards (was 20)
- Fire Blast base mana cost reduced to 15% (was 22%)
- Fire Blast grants 20% increased Fire Critical Strike Chance for 4 seconds after using it (only at max rank)
- Fire Power (Talent) reduced to 7% (was 10%)
- Empowered Fire (Talent) reduced to 9% (was 15%)
- Fire Blast no longer contributes to Hot Streak and Ignite
- New Talent: Volatile Detonation - Blast Wave now causes all affected enemies to burn over 6 seconds and grants you Hot Streak.
- New Talent: Master of Flame - Dragon's Breath no longer disorients enemies, instead it causes enemies to explode for massive damage.

- New Ability: Demon Portal: Opens a Portal into the Twisting Nether, summoning a Powerful Demon which curses and taunts your enemies for 28 seconds.
- Healthstones from a Soul Well have 3 charges
- New Ability: Sacrifice Demon - The Warlock sacrifices his Demon in exchange for power. Health increased by 15% and Damage increased by 10%. Effect is removed upon summoning a new Demon.

- Drain Life has had its SP Coefficent increased slightly
- New Affliction Talent: Improved Curse of Exhaustion - Your Curse of Exhaustion now reduces your target's haste by 5% while increasing yours by 5%.
- New Affliction Talent: Demonic Extraction - Performing Dark Pact on your Demon now additionally grants a Soul Shard and grants you the Nightfall effect for 6 seconds.

- New Demonology Talent: Demonic Core - When Molten Core triggers you and your Demon deal 5% additional Damage for 12 seconds.
- New Demonology Talent: Imp Gang - Soul Fire and Molten Core proccs now always summons an Imp from the Twisting Nether which will assist you for 12 seconds.

- Ruin grants 90% increased Critical Strike Damage (was 100%)
- Destruction Warlocks passively gain the Molten Core (Rank 2) Talent
- Chaos Bolt damage increased by 5% and has a 2 second shorter cooldown
- New Talent: Power Overwhelming - Searing Pain increases your Haste by 5% for 6 seconds.
- New Talent: Infernal Felfire - When you gain Backdraft your Spells are enhanced with Felfire, causing each cast which is affected by Backdraft to deal 5% increased critical strike damage.

- New Ability: Holy Champion - Increases HP and Damage by 5% for yourself or others, also grants bonuses for each class

- Priest= Renew and Shadow Word Pain ticks have a 10% Chance to grant Spellpower scaling with your Level
- WL= Shadow Damage increased by 4% when your target is below 35% HP
- Mage= Gain 10% of used mana if any of your Spells Crit
- DK= Blood and Heart Strike have a 5% Chance to cast a free Death Coil
- Pala= Increases Crit, Stamina and Expertise by 2%
- Warrior= Has a chance to generate extra Rage when attacking
- Hunter= 4% Chance to fire your Bow, dealing 80% Weapon damage and consuming no ammo
- Rogue= Reduces AoE Damage taken by 20%
- Druid= Grants Improved Mark of the Wild (Rank 1)
- Shaman= Reduces the global cooldown triggered by your shock spells to 1 sec.

- Mass Resurrection quest available from Varian/Thrall

- Spirit of Redemption increases total Spirit by 15% (was 5%)
- Holy Priest passively gain access to Meditation 3/3 by taking Spirit of Redemption
- Holy Concentration grants 65% increased Mana regeneration from Spirit (was 50%)
- New Talent: Light's Promise - You are unable to be critically hit for 3 seconds after entering Lightform and you deal an additional 3% Damage and healing while in Lightform.
- New Talent: Watchful Val'kyr - Call upon a Val'kyr to blast your enemies. The Val'kyr increases the Holy damage received by the target by 20% for 15 seconds.

Smite Priest

- Smite SP Coefficent slightly increased
- Healing Focus (Talent) also reduces Spell Pushback suffered from casting your holy Damaging Spells by 35/70%
- Lightform proccs heals nearby Players for a small amount
- Lightform proccs applies Replenishment
- Holy Fire increases the spell critical chance against your target by 5% for 10 seconds (Can only be applied if Lightform is active)
- Searing Light (Talent) additionally reduces the CD of your Holy Fire by 2 seconds.
- Holy Reach (Talent) grants 3% spell hit
- Surge of Light (Talent) proccs activate Lightform, increasing Holy Damage dealt by 15% for 10 seconds.
- Searing Light (Talent) damage increased to 20% (was 10%) at max rank
- Glyph of Smite deals 25% increased Damage (was 20%)
- Smite has a small Chance to restore some of the used Mana
- Smite costs slightly less Mana to cast

- Shadow Power (Talent) increases Critical Strike Damage by 95% (was 100%)
- Shadow Focus (Talent) Reduces the mana cost of your Shadow Spells by 14% (was 6%)
- Focused Mind (Talent) Reduces the mana cost of your Mind Blast, Mind Control, Mind Flay and Mind Sear spells by 25% (was 15%)
- New Talent: Shadowy Tome - Reduces the channel duration by 0.15 sec and period by 0.04 sec on your Mind Flay spell.
- New Talent: Searing Nightmares - Your Mind Sear now also afflicts all targets with a weakened version of Shadow Word: Pain.

- New Talent: Angelic Bulwark - Power Word: Shield increases your healing by 5% when cast on yourself

New Priest Specialization: Monk

Priests can become Monks at Level 10, simply visit your Class Trainer.
(The Priest gains new melee-abilities and can choose between Tanking and DPS)

Teachings of the Monastery: Damage : The Priest remembers the teachings of the Monastery and uses it to become a Monk which grants new melee-abilities, increasing attack Speed by 10%, Damage by 5% and Movement Speed by 10% and his Attacks deal additional Holy Damage. You also gain the ability to dual-wield Weapons. You lose the Ability to use all Priest abilities except for Inner Fire, Divine Spirit, Power Word: Shield, Fortitude, Resurrection, Cure Disease and Dispell Magic. Wielding a Staff increases your melee-Damage by 7%

Teachings of the Monastery: Tank : The Priest remembers the teachings of the Monastery and uses it to become a Monk which grants new melee-abilities, increasing attack Speed by 5%, Health by 30%, doubles your Armor, Chance to get crit is reduced by 6%. Damage taken is reduced by 9% and while below 35% Health you take 15% less damage. Parry Rating is massively increased, Threat increased by 110% and Movement Speed by 5%. Your Power Word Shield: Absorbs 30% more Damage then usual. Your auto-attacks have a Chance to heal you. You also gain the ability to dual-wield Weapons and parry. You lose the Ability to use all Priest abilities except for Inner Fire, Divine Spirit, Power Word: Shield, Fortitude, Resurrection, Cure Disease and Dispell Magic.

New Resource: Chi (Generated trough and used for Monk Abilities) Can only be generated once every 2 seconds.

- Fists of Stone: Imbue your Fists with Stone, afterwards your movement speed is reduced by 50% but your damage dealt is increased by 15% and Parry Rating by 10%. In addition the devastating attacks have a chance to break the bones of the target, reducing chance to block, dodge, or parry by 5% for 20 seconds. Instantly applies Inner Strength. Consumes all Stacks of Chi
- Burning Fists: Your Fists are lit ablaze. Melee attacks deal extra Fire damage to enemies in a 5 yard radius for 10 seconds. Requires 1 Chi to be used
- Piercing Jab: Inflicts 180% weapon damage increased by Level and reduces an enemy's armor by 3% for 6 seconds, stackable up to 3. Piercing Jab always generates 1 Stack of Chi. Piercing Jab causes affected targets to suffer additional Damage over 4 seconds and heals the Monk for the same amount (Only applied at Level 25 and above).
- Thrash Kick: A quick kick that injures all foes infront of the Monk for 130% Weapon damage increased by Level and slows them by 25% for 8 seconds.
- New Passive Ability: Serenity: Upon reaching 3 Stacks of Chi you gain Serenity which causes a cloud of mist to appear at your location that increases Damage by 5% and heals allies every 3 seconds over 12 seconds. (Level 15)
- Provoke: Taunts your Target for 3 seconds. This Spell is not on the GCD.
- Zen Meditation: Meditate over 6 seconds to restore 25% Mana and reduces damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds. Can only be used while out of combat.
- New Passive Ability: Mystic Touch: Your Thrash Kick and Piercing Jab increase damage taken by the enemy from physical sources by 2%, stackable up to 3 times.
- New Passive Ability: Inner Strength: Each time Serenity triggers your Damage taken is reduced by 3% for 30 seconds, stackable up to 5. (Only active as a Tank)
- Ring of Peace: Form a Ring of Peace around the Monk's location, silences all enemies inside. Lasts for 5 seconds.
- Fist of the Tiger: Perform a massive jab infront of all Enemies dealing Holy damage twice and restoring 30% Mana. After Fist of the Tiger hits your Attack Speed is increased by 20% for 12 seconds. Consumes all stacks of Chi. Fist of the Tiger cannot be Parried, Dodged or Blocked. Instantly applies Inner Strength
- Firestorm Kick: Whirl around over 2 seconds, kicking flames at all nearby enemies within 4 yds, increasing their Fire damage taken by 5% for 15 seconds. Can be channeled while moving. Requires 1 Chi to be useable.
- Leg Sweep: Deals damage to nearby enemies, knocking them down for 2 seconds.
- Fortifying Resolve: Turns your Skin to stone, increasing Health by 15% and reduces Damage taken by 20% for 15 seconds.
- New Passive Ability: Scarlet Bond: Thrash Kick, Piercing Jab and Fist of the Tiger increase your movement Speed by 5% for 15 seconds, stackable up to 4.
- Tiger Rush: Increases your Movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds.
- Improved Inner Fire (Talent) increases the amount of Armor granted by 50% (only for Monks)
- Enlightenment (Talent) increases your dodge Chance by 2% and Melee Haste by 4%
- Focused Will (Talent) increases your melee crit chance by 3%
- New Talent: Improved Firestorm Kick - After using Firestorm Kick your hands are lit ablaze for 4 seconds afterwards, dealing extra Fire Damage in a 5 yard radius.
- New Talent: Scarlet Will - You have found ways to further combine the teachings of the Monastery with the Light. Your Inner Focus, Pain Supression and Power Infusion gain additional unique Effects.
- New Talent: Glory of the Monastery - Enter an elevated state of mental and physical serenity for 12 sec. While in this state, you deal 15% increased damage and gain 15% increased health.

- New Ability: Starlight - Envelops a location near the Druid with Light for 1 Minute, standing near/inside increases Haste by 5%. 2.5 Min CD
- Mass Resurrection quest available from Varian/Thrall
- New Race Combo: Trolls and Worgens can become Druids

- Tree of Life also causes your Rejuvenation to benefit from Haste, reducing the time between each tick.
- Tree of Life now also grants 4% Haste while active
- New Restoration Talent: Dreamgrove's Blessing - Regrowth and Healing Touch grants affected targets one stack of Natural Perfection, stackable up to 3 times.
- New Restoration Talent: Ent's Touch - While Barkskin is active your Healing Touch increase your target's Health by 10% for 15 seconds.

- Omen of Clarity is passively active for feral dps druids at Level 60
- Mangle increases bleed damage by 40% (up from 30%)
- Rebirth and Innervate can be cast in Cat and Bear Form
- Regrowth can be cast in Cat Form while Predator's Swiftness is active
- Predator's Swiftness lasts 10 seconds (was 8)
- Rake inital damage increased by 30%
- Cat Form can be learned at Level 10 and increases your Movement Speed by 8%
- Stamina gained while in Dire Bear Form increased to 30% (was 25%)
- Furor is passively active as a Feral DPS Druid
- Ferocious Bite costs 25 Energy (was 35)
- Swipe (Cat) applies an additional bleed Effect to affected targets
- New Talent: Ursoc's Ferocity - Heals you for 2% Health every 5 seconds while in Bear Form. Your maximum Energy is increased by 20 while in Cat Form.
- New Talent: Predator's Craving - Your finishing moves, Lacerate and Maul grant 3% Haste for 8 seconds, stackable up to 3 times.

- Moonkin Form can be cast while mounted
- Moonglow (Balance Talent) reduces the Mana cost by 15% (was 9%)
- Dreamstate (Balance Talent) regenerates Mana equal to 15% of your Intellect (was 10%)
- Vengeance (Balance Talent) increases your Critical Strike damage Bonus by 95% (was 100%)
- Rebirth can be cast in Moonkin Form
- Single target critical strikes in Moonkin Form regenerate 3% of your total Mana (was 2%)
- New Talent: Earthweaver - While Thorns is active on yourself your Wrath launches Thorns, dealing additional nature Damage.
- New Talent: Fury of Elune - While your Starfire is empowered by Eclipse it will call down a Stellar Flare upon your Enemy, dealing Damage.

- New Ability: Soul Reaper, deals 100% Weapon Damage and 3800 Shadow Damage (Scales with AP) after 5 sec , increasing Haste by 10% afterwards
- Horn of Winter has been changed. GCD has been removed and restores slightly more Runic Power (This Spell now functions similiar as the Ability Battle Shout in the Cataclysm Era)

- New Ability: Unholy Pact. Sacrifice your Ghoul to gain 10% increased shadow and physical Damage for 1 hour. (Requires the Master of Ghouls Talent)
- Unholy Blight damage increased to 60% (was 10%)
- New Talent: Improved Death Coil - Your Death Coil now hits 2 additional targets while inside your Death and Decay
- New Talent: Commander of the Death - Each time you cast Death Coil you summon a Army of the Dead Ghoul for 6 seconds.

New Passive Frost DK Ability: Might of the Frozen Wastes
(Active after taking Threat of Thassarian 3/3) Equipping a two-handed Weapon increases Obliterate damage by 50%, overall Damage by 4% and causes your Frost Strike to guarantee your next Obliterate or Howling Blast to crit. Expertise and Hit Rating is increased.

- Glacier Rot increases damage dealt by 12% at max rank (was 20%)
- Merciless Combat deals 6% increased damage at max rank to targets below 35% Health (was 12%)
- Unbreakable Armor increases Strength by 15% (was 20%)
- Howling Blast applies Frost Fever by default
- Guile of Gorefiend increases critical strike damage by 40% at max rank (was 45%)
- New Talent: Absolute Zero - Whenever Rime is active, your Howling Blast additionally freezes enemies for 1.5 seconds
- New Talent: Shattering Cold - Consuming Killing Machine or Deathchill grants you 2% increased Frost Damage for 8 seconds, stackable up to 3 times.

- New Talent: Tombstone - Death Strike causes you to absorb damage.
- New Talent: Blood Feast - Your Rune Tap, Vampiric Blood and Icebound Fortitude now summons a Bloated Bloodworm which explodes after 3 seconds, damaging enemies and healing nearby allies by 5% of their Health.

- New Ability: Cursed Arrow - Shoots an Arrow, inflicting Weapon Damage plus Attack Power, and increases Magic damage taken by target by 11% for 13 seconds. No GCD, 1 Minute CD
- Most Hunter Aspects are displayed in the Stance Bar
- New Race Combo: Humans and Undead can become hunters.
- New Passive Ability: Lone Wolf - If you hunt without your Pet, your Damage is increased by 25% (Removed upon calling your Pet)
- Rapid Fire increases your Haste by 30% and its cooldown has been lowered to 3 minutes.

- Bestial Wrath increases damage dealt by your Pet by 65% (was 50%)
- The Beast Within reduces used Mana while enraged by 60% (was 50%)
- Bestial Wrath CD reduced to 1.33 Minutes (was 2)
- The Beast Within increases Damage dealt by 15% (was 10%)
- New Talent: Animal's Mind - The Movement speed bonus is now active in any Aspect and Aspect of the Cheetah and Pack increase movement speed by an additional 30% for 4 seconds. Cannot occur more often then once every 25 seconds.
- New Talent: Cobra Charmer - Cobra Strikes now summons a poisonous Serpent which blasts your target for nature Damage over 12 seconds.

- Lock and Load instantly triggers by using Black Arrow
- Explosive Trap instantly triggers instead of exploding only while a Enemy triggers it
- Lock and Load instantly triggers by using Explosive Trap
- New Talent: Wildfire Infusion - Freezing, Frost and Explosive Trap empowers your next Wildfire Cluster or Explosive Shot, granting it unique effects for each trap.
- New Talent: Find Weakness - While standing still you have found a flaw in the enemies defense. Your next Explosive Shot or Lacerate cannot be missed, dodged or blocked and is infused with a Black Arrow. Find Weakness can only be used while Sniper Training is active.

- Chimera Shot also grants Armor Penetration after using it.
- New Talent: Poisonous Shots - Your Ammunition is permanently drenched in a deadly mixture, causing your Arcane, Steady and Aimed Shot to deal 10% additional Damage as Nature.
- New Talent: Rapid Shot - Causes the Hunter to focus, shooting rapidly at nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Only useable while Improved Steady Shot is active.

New Hunter Specialization: Melee-Hunter

- Aspect of the Beast increases Melee Attack Power by 25% (was 10%) but you can no longer use ranged Weapons and temporarily lose the Ability to switch Aspects. Your Attack speed is reduced by 15%. The Hunter can use new Abilities which are only useable while this Aspect is active.
- Wildfire Cluster: Throws a cluster of Bombs, dealing damage in a 10 yard radius and shreds the Armor of all affected targets for 5 seconds. Also applies Rend (Scales with Level and AP)
- Lacerate: Wounds the target, dealing bleed damage over 15 seconds, stackable up to 3. (Scales with Level and AP)
- Poisoned Harpoon: Charge a poisoned Harpoon pulling the Caster towards the Enemy and deals normal damage plus nature damage every 2.5 seconds for 10 seconds. Using this Spell grants the Caster the Ability to use Disengage for 12 seconds without incuring a cooldown. The Hunter is healed for 10% of his health over 10 seconds after using this ability.
- Shrapnel Bomb: Throws a shrapnel Bomb at your target, dealing Damage and increasing the physical Damage the target takes.
- Aspect Mastery (Talent) grants 4 increased seconds on your Rapid Fire Buff while Aspect of the Beast is active.
- Exhilaration: Heals the Hunter for 30% of his health
- Mongoose Bite no longer has a cooldown at max rank.
- Master Tactician (Survival Talent) also triggers from successful melee attacks.
- Expose Weakness (Survival Talent) also triggers from melee critical hits.
- Survival Instincts (Survival Talent) now also increases Expertise by 5/10
- Deflection (Survival Talent) now also grants 1/2/3% increased melee hit chance
- Point of no Escape (Survival Talent) has gained a new passive Effect: When dual-wielding, your Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite have a 50/100% chance to also deal 50% of its original damage with your offhand weapon
- Sniper Training (Survival Talent) now also increases damage done by your offhand weapon by 10/20/30%
- New 50 Point Survival Talent: Improved Lone Wolf Lone Wolf now increases all damage dealt by an additional 3%
- Focused Fire (BM Talent) now also increases your damage with a two-handed Weapon by 5/10%
- Serpent's Swiftness (BM Talent) now also increases your melee-attack speed by 4/8/12/16/20%
- Cobra Strikes (BM Talent) can now also trigger from Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike and Lacerate
- Glyph of the Beast grants 5% damage (was 2%)
- Glyph of Raptor Strike grants 6% melee haste for 5 seconds after using it

- New Ability: Leech Poison - Strike your target with a Leeching Poison, causing your Sinister Strike, Mutilate and Hemorrhage to deal additional Damage as nature Damage and heals you for 3% Health every 3 seconds for 9 seconds stackable up to 3 times.
- Fan of Knifes damage increased by ~10%
- Backstab Energy Cost reduced to 50 (was 60)

- New Assassination Talent: Leeching Scoundrel - Your Deadly Poison causes you to generate 1% Health per application and reduces all Damage dealt by the target by 3%.
- New Assassination Talent: Internal Bleeding - Mutilate causes targets to take 5% increased bleed Damage for 12 seconds and deals an additional 20% Damage as bleed Damage over 3 seconds.

- New Combat Talent: Triple Threat - Sinister Strike now strikes a second time for 15% additional Damage with your off-hand Weapon.
- New Combat Talent: Overwhelming Advantage - While Slice and Dice is active you deal 5% increased critical strike Damage.

- Hemorrhage deals 140% Weapon Damage (200% with Daggers) (was 110%)
- Ghostly Strike deals 155% Weapon Damage (223% with Daggers) (was 125%)
- Shadow Dance duration increased to 9 seconds (was 6)
- Shadow Dance cooldown reduced to 45 (was 60)
- Shadowstep increases the Damage of your next Ability by 30% (was 20%)
- New Talent: Gloomblade - Your Hemorrhage is transformed into Gloomblade, causing it to strike a second time for 15% additional Shadow Damage which bypasses all Armor. Enemies hit by Gloomblade have a 5% increased chance to be critically hit by shadow abilities for 10 seconds.
- New Talent: Symbols of Death - Shadowstep causes all your melee attacks to deal an additional 10% damage as shadow damage for 10 seconds.

New Rogue Specialization: Demon Hunter

Speak with the Demon Hunter NPC in Stormwind or Orgrimmar at Level 55 to unlock the specialization trough a Questline.

(The Rogue gains new melee-abilities and can choose between Tanking and DPS)

Only Night and Blood Elves can become Demon Hunters

You cannot use lethal-poisons, Slice and Dice and Stealth as a Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters can only use Illidari Warglaives as their Weapon (Artifact Weapon)

Havoc (DPS): Fel Infusion: You infuse your Weapons with Fel Energy, increasing all Damage done by 5% and adding new your new interactions to your Spells. Damage dealt by Chaos Strike heals you for a small amount.

Vengeance (Tank): Demonic Tattoos: Your demonic tattoos reduce magical Damage taken by 20% and physical Damage taken by 9%, increase your Health by 30%, doubles your Armor and grants you 5% Dodge Chance. You generate 110% more Threat. Chance to get crit reduced by 6%. Your Spells have new interactions while Demonic Tattoos is active.

- New Resource: Fury (Generated trough and used for Demon Hunter Abilities) Can only be generated once every 2.5 seconds
- Demon Hunters use Energy as a resource
- New Damage Type: Chaos Damage. Chaos Damage always ignores resistance schools
- Fel Rush: The Demon Hunter charges his current Target and explodes with Fel Energy upon charging, dealing AoE Damage and causes your Demonic Tattoos to flare up, granting you a Buff depending on your Specialization. Your next Chaos Strike deals damage twice. Your next Blade Dance increases your Health by 6% for 20 seconds.
- Double Jump: Causes you to jump one additional Time (3 second cooldown)
- Glide: Causes you to glide trough the Air for 10 seconds
- Metamorphosis: Transforms the Demon Hunter, causing him to explode with fel force, dealing Chaos damage to enemies within 8 yds, and stunning them for 3 sec. Your Damage is increased by 15% and your Armor Contribution by 150% in this form. Upon transformation, you are transformed into a hellish demon for 20 sec, greatly empowering your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance abilities
- Chaos Strike: Slice your target for Chaos Damage. Chaos Strike always generates one stack of Fury. Chaos Strike increases your Critical Strike Chance by 4% or Armor by 6% for 20 seconds if Metamorphosis is active. Stackable up to 3. Chosen Effect depends on your specialization.
- Blade Dance: Imbues your Glaives with Fel Energy for 10 seconds, causing your Auto-Attacks to deal additional Chaos Damage. Requires 1 Stack of Fury to be useable. Blade Dance grants 15% Dodge Chance for 6 seconds if used during Metamorphosis or 20% additional Attack Speed. (Chosen Effect depends on Specialization)
- Immolation Aura: Imbues your Skin with fel Energy causing you to radiate Chaos Damage every second over 8 seconds. Requires 1 Stack of Fury to be used
- New Passive Ability: Inner Demon: Upon reaching 3 Stacks of Fury, you deal 10% additional Chaos Damage or gain 12% additional Health for 10 seconds. Chosen Effect depends on your specialization
- Chaos Nova: Stuns nearby Enemies for 2.5 seconds and reduces the Damage of Affected targets by 5% for 10 seconds
- Glaive Throw: Throws your Weapon, slowing targets by 40% for 5 seconds. Generates additional Threat as a Tank. Generates 1 Stack of Fury.
- Fel Breath: Causes you to breathe Fel in a cone every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds, dealing Chaos Damage, reducing Damage received by 12% and causes affected Targets to take 5% increased Damage for 6 seconds. If Fel Breath is used you gain a weakened version of Metamorphosis for 10 seconds. This Spell can be used while moving and must be channeled. Consumes all Stacks of Fury
- New Passive Ability: Fel Energy: The Fel coursing trough your Veins causes nearby Party and Raid Members to deal 3% additional Damage as Chaos Damage and increases their Movement Speed by 5%. Causes chaos Damage to any enemies when hit.
- New Passive Ability: Illidari Training: Your movement speed is increased by 15%, your Energy Limit is increased by 10 and you can no longer be dazed.
- Torment: Taunts the target to attack you for 3 seconds.

New Class: Tinker (Exclusive to Gnome and Goblin Hunter)

This Class has its own custom Starting Zone and can choose between Tanking and DPS and relies on different gadgets and creations such as a controllable robots, turrets and grenades. They also gain bonuses to the Engineering Profession. (Only available on Smolderthorn)

As a Tinker you cannot use any Hunter Abilities except for Distracting Shot, Eagle Eye, Concussive Shot, Misdirection, Flare. You can use all other Hunter Talents.


- New Passive Ability: Master Engineer: Your knowledge and mastery about Engineering allows you to learn both Gnomish and Goblin Engineering, and you can now create new Gadgets and Mounts exclusive for Tinkers. Your Engineering Skill is increased by 50.
- Road Roller: Creates a small Tonk which collides with the Enemy, deals AoE damage upon arrival and stuns for 3 seconds.
- Scrap Bullet: Fires at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage and grants you 2% increased Nature Damage, stackable up to 4 times. Can be channeled while moving. Your Scrap Bullet deals 25% additional Damage as nature Damage after using Electrified Beaton.
- Electrified Beaton: Slams your Target with your Beaton, dealing Nature damage and enhances your next Scrap Bullet.
- Modify Scrap Gun: Change the Mode of your Scrap Gun allowing the use of different Abilities for 15 seconds. Scrap Bullet cannot be used while your Mode is changed.
- Load of Scrap: Load your gun with scrap parts, causing it to deal Damage in a cone infront of you and shreds enemies Armor by 2%, stackable up to 3 times. Can be channeled while moving. (Can only be used while the Mode of your Scrap Gun is changed)
- Tesla Coil: Overloads your Gun with lightning, causing massive Nature damage to your target. Your next Load of Scrap deals an additional 50% Damage as nature Damage. Can be channeled while moving. (Can only be used while the Mode of your Scrap Gun is changed)
- Machine Gun: Fires a machine gun, inflicting damage every 0.25 seconds for 5 seconds. While channeling, your MG-X2 Turret shoots 50% faster.
Reduces chance to hit by 50% while firing.
- Adren-HK: Creates a robot which injects adrenaline into one random Player, increasing their Haste by 5% for 20 seconds.
- Nanobooster: Injects your Body with Nanomachines, instantly healing you for 30% of your Health and restoring Mana.
- Frost Grenade: Blasts enemies for Frost damage and freezes them in place for up to 6 seconds. Damage caused may interrupt the effect.
- Distractor 2000: Creates a robot which taunts nearby creatures for 3 seconds or until it is destroyed. Upon destruction nearby enemies deal 5% less damage for 6 seconds.
- My Greatest Invention: The Tinker creates a mechanized unit which assists you for 20 seconds, while active your Haste is increased by 30% for 10 seconds.

Turret Related

- Flame Turret: The Tinker creates a Flame Turret which sprays fire towards all Enemies infront for 8 seconds. Also slows movement by 20%.
- MG-X2 Turret: The Tinker creates a MG-X2 Turret which shoots bullets towards random nearby Enemies for 8 seconds.
- Shield Generator: The Tinker creates a Shield Generator which places large, stationary Anti-magic Zone that reduces Spell damage done to all Players inside by 25% for 5 seconds.

- Tune Up! - The Tinker enhances his currently active Turret, causing it to attack and cast 10% faster and deal 15% additional Damage. Enables the use of My Babies once 1 stack is active.
- My Babies: Modify your currently active Turret, granting it additional Effects for 10 seconds. (Can only be used while Tune Up! is active)

MG-X2 Turret: This turret will now additionally shoot Rockets which deal AoE Damage.
Flame Turret: Your Flame Turret will use maximum Heat and deal more Damage, causing the flames to transform into a blue color which melts affected enemies Armor by 15%
Shield Generator: Overloads your Shield Generator causing it to place a shield onto nearby Players, reducing all Damage taken by 5% for 10 seconds.


TK-Bruiser: Create and jump into a massive armored Robot which functions as a Tank, should the Robot be destroyed you will eject. While inside you can use new Abilities exclusive to this Robot.

- Piledriver: Slams the Robots fist into the ground, causing the earth to erupt, slows all Enemies inside by 25%. (Causes additional Threat)
- Steam Blast: Knocks your selected Target into the Air
- Emergency Repair: Begin to repair your TK-Bruiser, reducing incoming Damage by 25% and healing it for 5% Health every second over 5 seconds. This Spell must be channeled.
- Electrified Grasp: Grab your selected Target, stunning it for 4 seconds, afterwards they deal 10% less physical Damage and you gain a Shield which absorbs physical damage.
- High-Pitch: Your Robot damages the ears of your selected target taunting it and lowers attack speed by 10% for 4 seconds.

New Class: Bard - Available to Dwarves and Forsaken (Soon)

This class can choose between Healing and DPS

Worgen Racial Abilities

(You can become a Worgen by creating a Human and speaking to the Gilnean Emissary)
- Altered Form: Transform into a Worgen for 15 seconds, increasing all damage and healing by 3%, Movement Speed increased by 10%. 2 Minute CD
- Darkflight: Move and swimming speed increased by 5% at all times.
- Running Wild: Transform into your Worgen Form, increasing speed by 60-100% (depends on Riding Level) cannot be used in combat.
- Thirst for Blood: Increase your Damage by 2% for 10 seconds and heals you for 2% Health when you kill a target that gives experience or honor. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds. Stackable up to 2 times.

Overall Adjustments

- Healing reduced by 25-30% (Does not apply to Blood Death Knights and Guardian Druids)
- New Class Spells which can be learned at Level 70 and 80 by doing Class Quests in Shattrath/Dalaran
- New Class and Race combinations are available
- All Healers have access to Mass Resurrection (Affects up to 5 Players)
- Tank Threat Rate increased severely
- Death Knights no longer start in Acherus

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