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10.02.2023 - Warmode is now enabled!

Warmode can now be enabled by talking with your Faction Master near the PvP Hall in Orgrimmar or Stormwind once you are Level 10. While enlisted you receive 10% increased Experience (Dungeons excluded) and are flagged for PvP.

Duskhaven Team

03.02.2023 - Transmogrification is now available!

General Info
The System is slightly different compared to other Servers or the Retail Version and is limited to Sets for the first weeks. Keep in mind that there is still a bit of testing to do, such as the proper removal of helmets/cloaks by checking the show cloak/helmet option.

Which restrictions are applied and are they shared on my Account?
Every Armor appearance is Account-Bound which means that you can mail them to other characters of your account, keep in mind that only certain classes can transmog the required type of armor.

How can we obtain these Transmog Sets?
Transmog Sets can be obtained by doing end-game activities and by reaching certain standing levels with a reputation.

How does it work?
It is very simple, just right-click the Transmogrification Set and the appearance is applied to your Character. You will see a Buff next to your Minimap, which indicates that you are wearing transmogged Armor. It is not yet decided if the active Transmogrification should be changeable with a simple right-click or by visiting a Ethereal.

Can we transmogrify Weapons aswell?
Weapons will be transmoggable later on, as the System has been made by hand and still requires further testing.
Duskhaven Team

31.01.2023 - Season 2

Season 2 is set to release on the 22nd February which includes Hyjal as a end-game Zone, new Talents, new Mythic+ dungeons, new and reworked leveling Zones, bonus objectives and the addition of the Hardcore Leveling Challenge. You can find a Zone Preview in the Server Information Tab.

Duskhaven Team

04.01.2023 - Season 2 is coming!

Hello again! We hope you had a good time celebrating the arrival of year 2023, that you survived the night without any major disasters, and that your hangover has already passed, so you can properly enjoy this next piece of news that we greet you in the new year with:
The long-awaited Season 2 is coming, and now we know when: February 22th! We will release more information about the Season soon, but if you want to get some idea what the process might entail, you can take a look at our Discord.

Once the Season is released, you can finally look forward to the next exciting thing for us in the following months, the launch of the profession revamp, the addition of the Bard Class and the Emerald Dream Raid. We don't have a release date for it yet, but we don't want to keep you waiting for long after either!
We'll return with more information about this and other things that await us in this intense year soon!

Duskhaven Team

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